Keren Toledano
40" x 60"

Limited Edition | 15 Prints

Aspidistra is a statement mid century piece with a dark green color palette with shades of black and white being the other main color palettes. This print also has a pop of yellow, orange, red, and nude with a pop, of blended shades of blue to accent the piece.

Limited Edition
This print is limited to a maximum of 15 total prints. Once the 15 prints are printed, this art print will not be released again. Every limited edition print comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity to show which number print you have received.

Shipping Notice
Due to the nature and size of our oversized artwork, shipping can take 2 to 3 weeks to ship out.  Once the artwork has shipped from our facility, standard shipping times apply. Please contact us at if you have any special request or questions.

*All oversized art is sold unframed.
Printed on high quality, acid free, 100% cotton and rag archival paper.
While we would love to hand deliver each and every art piece to our customers, we still ensure you get it in a timely fashion.

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