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We get several questions pertaining to what exactly an art print is. Does it have texture? Is it a photo or a reproduction of an original? All of these are very valid questions and we are about to dive into all of those and answer the question of:

What Is An Art Print?

First of all, an art print is a high quality reproduction of an original art piece.There are two different types of art prints that are commonly used among the art industry: giclee and digital prints.

You may be wondering the question, what’s the difference between giclee and digital prints? There is quite a difference between digital prints and giclee prints.

Giclee Prints

Giclee, pronounced zhee’clay, is a a type of printing using a 12 ink printer versus the standard 2 to 5 cartridge ink jet printer.

When done correctly, it’s the closest an artist can get to matching their original 3D artwork. Giclee prints are a great way for art lovers to collect fine art without having to pay the price to own an original artwork. At Uncommon Bliss, we use giclee prints for all of our limited edition art prints. Our giclee prints are printed on the highest quality paper made from a papermill in Germany. This paper is a true artist watercolor paper with a lot of texture on it. The print does not have the actual 3D texture like the original but the paper it is printed on creates a rough, textured, feeling almost like canvas. we like to say, you cant actually feel the texture but the quality of the reproduction allows you to see the texture. The archival qualities of the paper ensure the print lasts for 100 years or more.

Digital Art Prints

Digital art is also a type of print as well. With digital printing you as the customer use your own printer to print the artwork yourself. This type of printing may be convenient but unfortunately, is not made to last. The qualities of the materials used to make these prints are not archival. Also, you run the risk of not producing an exact color match and/or losing quality in comparison to the original art piece.

Both are great affordable ways for an art lover to own art in their home. Ultimately though, if you are wanting to collect fine art that has archival qualities and lasts longer, then giclee prints are the best route to go!

What Is The Best Way To Capture Art For Reproduction?

Some artists will either scan their work using a scanner and others will photograph their work for reproduction. This is also where print reproduction can go wrong…

To ensure a print captures every detail from the original and doesn’t appear pixelated, you must make sure to use a DSLR camera or a professional grade scanner. Using an iPhone to capture your art will not produce a high quality print and will not show the artists work in the best light. This will leave the customer with a pixelated art print that doesn’t resemble the original piece at all. Also using a low grade quality scanner can leave out the detail of the original and leave it pixelated as well. Uncommon bliss ensures that every artist uses a high MP camera or professional scanner to capture their art to ensure every detail appears on the print as it does in the original.I mean that is the whole purpose of an art print right? You want to invest in a piece that mimics the original painting without that price of an original. Art prints are great for art lovers that appreciate the art world and get to support an independent artist but maybe aren’t ready to make that large investment of an original just quite yet!

If you have any questions pertaining to our prints, please reach out to us at our email at cs@uncommonbliss.com.