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We are going to share some of our favorite framing places for large artwork we have found online. It's very hard finding any framing places for oversized artwork, especially good quality framing places. So with that being said, we wanted to gather a list of frame businesses that we have either personally used or have done some digging on and we believe are some of the best quality framing places online. 

Let's dive in!


After researching a lot of framing companies, we came to the conclusion that Framebridge seemed to be the best quality, customer service, and selection. The bonus with this company is that shipping is free. That's huge, especially when framing art that's as large as a 30"x40". Also, after you purchase a print from an art company or artist, Framebridge will send you a label that you can use to mail the print directly to them so they can frame it for you. They even offer free shipping when they're done so you can receive your artwork framed and ready to hang. It's a pretty seamless process.

The cons with Framebridge are:
• You can't customize the frame as much as the other two places listed below.
• The largest size they frame is 40"x40"

Overall, though they seem to be a very highly rated framing place among many art lovers.

Below we linked a few of our favorite frames from Framebridge. All of the pricing is based off of a size 30"x40" frame.
*All pricing is subject to change.

Black Walnut Frame $265.00 (click here)
Mercer Slim (black wood frame) $209 (click here)
Marin (natural wood frame) $209 (click here)
Augusta (distressed black frame) $209 (click here)
Bleached Maple Frame $265 (click here) - FAVORITE because it's such a versatile frame.
Monterey (whitewashed frame) $209 (click here)


If you have knowledge with framing materials and like a lot of customization go with American Frame. After viewing American Frames website, you can tell they are a favorite upon artists and designers because the customization is pretty advanced. American Frame has many options to customize including, UV and non glare acrylic. Also different matting and backboard options. With American Frame you have the option of sending in your artwork for them to frame for you or you can select the DIY option and frame it at home yourself. 

The cons with American Frame are:
• The customization can become overwhelming if you aren't familiar with framing.
• No free shipping but the shipping is priced fairly.

Below we linked a few of our favorite frames from American Frame. All of the pricing is based off of a size 36"x48" frame. We have listed two different framing options. Standard quality vs. gallery quality. Options are based off of your framing preference
*All pricing is subject to change.

Black metal frame
Standard $175.85 (click here)
Gallery $307.57 (click here)

Sand wood frame - This is a whitewashed frame.
Standard $227.01 (click here)
Gallery $359.00 (click here)

White oak wood frame
Standard $227.01 (click here)
Gallery $359.00 (click here)

Silver linen metal frame
Standard $175.58 (click here)
Gallery $307.57 (click here)


We searched high and low to find framing places that frame large art up to 40"x60" and Frame It Easy was really one of the only ones we found. So with that being said we decided to order one from them to see the quality. The packaging was pretty secure and the quality of the frame was great. The only con we had with it was the frame could have been a thicker profile for a size 40"x60." The frame was a little wobbly since the profile was pretty thin but once you hang it on the wall you wouldn't be able to tell at all! Overall, for the price of a frame that large it was good. If you are wanting to frame something that large I would give this place a go or even try your local framer. They may be able to cut you a deal and you don't have to deal with the hassel of getting it shipped plus, you also support a small business!

Cons with Frame It Easy:
•Shipping is not free (I believe they ship freight on larger frames) so it can be pricier but the frames are priced very well.

Below we linked a few of our favorite frames from Frame It Easy. All of the pricing is based off of a size 40"x60" frame. None of this pricing includes shipping.
*All pricing is subject to change.

Ashford (flat black metal frame) $235.04 (click here)
Hanover (rounded black metal) $231.94 (click here)

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