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Artist Collaboration

Want to collaborate with us at Uncommon Bliss and sell your own work? Fill out our application below.


How long does the application process take?
Once you submit our application, we will be in touch within 5 to 7 business days.

What does the application entail?
Our application is short and brief! We ask for your contact information, artistic background, and links to your website or any current websites that you are currently selling your artworks on. If your application is approved and we feel like you're a great match for us, we will setup a phone call to discuss further details.

What can I sell on Uncommon Bliss?
Uncommon Bliss provides a platform for artists to sell works in a variety of medias. You have the option of deciding if you want to sell prints of your artwork or if you'd rather sell your original artworks. We only allow the option of selling limited edition prints, not open edition.

Do I get to decide the number of prints sold for each of my artworks?
Yes, you do determine the number of prints allowed for each of your editions. You can choose between an edition being as small as ten prints and as large as one hundred prints.

Do I get paid on a commission basis?
We pay a commission on each art print that is sold through Uncommon Bliss. We pay artists a 20% commission on each print that is sold that isn’t framed. On every framed print that is sold, we also pay artists a 20% commission on the sales price. Every artist is able to earn an additional 20% commission on their piece if you refer a customer to our website using a predetermined custom code exclusive to you and your art pieces.

Who all can sell their artwork through Uncommon Bliss?
We are looking for emerging artists that are at least 18 years of age or older. Currently, we are only accepting applications from artists that are located in the United States.

Why ask for my birthday on the application?
We need to ensure that you are legally old enough to sell your artwork through us.

How do I get paid?
Each artist is paid through Paypal at the 20th of each month for the prior months sales.

If I want to sell prints of my work through Uncommon Bliss, do I ship my artwork to you to be photographed or do I photograph it myself?
You will be responsible for photographing your artwork for reproduction. We must have a high resolution image of your artwork to ensure we can duplicate your work for a high quality print reproduction.

How long does it take before my artwork is on the website?
While we strive to upload each artists artwork as quickly as possible, it can take up to 3 to 4 weeks before it is fully on the website for sale.

Do I determine how much I sell my work for?
On prints, we keep a standard across the board. With originals, you decide your own price.

Can I sell my artwork anywhere else?
We do require you to list artwork with us that is exclusive to Uncommon Bliss. However, we do not restrict you from selling your other artwork through other platforms.

Do I have to sign an agreement?
Yes, we do ask our artists to sign an artist agreement before we will upload their artwork on to our website. This agreement is mutually beneficial to protect both you and us. You will have to sign the agreement to also show that the artwork is yours and you agree that you have the rights to make decisions based on what to do with it.

Will I give up my right to my own art?
No, as artists ourselves, we have zero interest in owning your artwork. You will always keep the rights to your artwork.