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Alex Soffer

My name is Alex Soffer, and I am an emerging artist from Brooklyn, New York. Art has always been in my life, but I really picked up the paintbrush after my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. He was only 63-years-old at the time of his diagnosis. Throughout the course of his illness, I experienced every available emotion; but mostly, I was angry, and I didn't have an outlet, so I bought a few canvases, brushed off my easel and began to paint. It started as an additional form of therapy; a place where I could disappear and channel all my feelings. As my father's illness progressed, I began IVF to conceive our second child. To say IVF is tough would be an understatement. Again, I turned to paint to get through the difficult but rewarding process (red wine wasn't an option at the time.) The canvas became the ultimate therapist, and I found both my ability and enthusiasm growing. While pregnant, I enrolled in an art class. My teacher was a spunky 87-year-young abstract artist named Millie. "Stop thinking and just paint, Alex!" she would bellow. Millie gave me the confidence and freedom to simply create. One week into the class, my dad died. For me my paintings were part of my healing. Two weeks after my father passed away, I painted and SOLD my first real piece of abstract work entitled "Millie." I was six months pregnant with my daughter.