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April 02, 2020 2 min read

Styling Your Bedside Table Using Uncommon Bliss Art 

Make a statement on your bedside table without bringing too much clutter on your table! It's sometimes hard to find that silver lining to make an impact but keep it subtle at the same time. I obviously love using art on my bedside table since I am an artist owning an art company, but I also believe art on a bedside table is subtle but impactful.
Check out these tips and styled looks below!

Abstract black and white artwork
(Shop The Spotlight Print)
Pictured: 12in x 16in in Black Frame

With this setup, I simply placed our Spotlight print on this bedside table. I added some silver coasters to offset the black and then added this small purple Orchid to add some contrast to the black. The mustard pillow also adds a nice highlight to the black and the purple!
Abstract artwork for the bedroom
(Shop The Untitled Print)
Pictured: 12in x 16in in Black Frame

If you're looking for a little more color beside your bed then look no further! I added our Untitled print in front of this lamp and books to add some height and to offset everything. Books are a great accessory to add to a bedside table to fill space and add height but they also keep it simple as well! The purple Orchid contrasts really well with the colors in our Untitled print and the black frame adds the perfect touch to make it stand out in front of the gold lamp. 

Abstract Black and white artwork drawing
(Shop The Hidden Print)
Pictured: 18in x 24in in Gold Frame

If you are looking for a simple yet moody look, this is the perfect setup! I wanted to make the art the star of the show in this setup so I placed our Hidden print in a larger 18in x24in gold frame to make it stand out. I kept the styling on the rest of the table rather simple to make the art the statement on this set up. The addition of the fresh Eucalyptus really complemented the gold on the frame and the black in the art print. Also, adding a candle keeps it simple but also balances out the decor on both sides.
Below I will tag the other decor items from the photos so you can shop the full look!
Brittney Lane
Owner/Operator of Uncommon Bliss

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